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Papers according to your specifications



If you need a special paper:

  • according to historical patterns
  • its own ideas
  • or papers in large numbers

What is required?

1. A template:

  • an indication of the pattern by a number from the shop
  • by send a scanned image with standard e-mail (pictures with the camera cause color variations)
  • or sent the original sheet by mail (you will get back your original sheet by delivery)

2. Choice of the support paper:

  • Mould made Paper 100g / sqm, 120 g / sqm or 150 g / sqm
  • Ingres laid paper 90-100 g / sqm
  • Antique mould made paper 90 g / sqm  
  • Book paper 90 g / sqm
  • Bugra mould made paper 130 g / sqm 

3. Number of pieces and surfaces


For every design we will charge € 25.00 plus € 9.30 per sheet.
For more than 20 sheets per design eliminates the surcharge of 25 €.

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